Describing what I do in two words:

Fight & Food

That’s what I do best!





Rany Saadeh, professional MMA-fighter, born and raised in Germany. Fighting and training across the globe, I’m holding a world title in Europe’s leading MMA organisation ‘BAMMA’. My passion for sports is huge, especially for combat sports disciplines like Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Wrestling.

Fighting in the 125lbs/ 57kg Flyweight division, dieting is a huge part of my lifestyle. A proper diet is key to a successful weight cut.




Getting down to a specific weight limit can be a struggle if you don’t know how to do it.

I have tried all diets.

I made all mistakes: from cutting out carbs to binging at night.

Finding the right approach wasn’t easy. It took me nearly a decade of athlete’s experience and years of university studies in Sports Science.

Suffering from a rare autoimmune disease, I’m forced to treat myself with a holistic clean eating approach to allow myself a career with performance at the highest level.

Photo: (C) BAMMA 2014
Photo: (C) BAMMA 2014,




Who likes food restrictions? I hate them! Let me eat whatever I want!

I like sweet food and as long as it makes me feel good, I eat it.


Being son of an Arabic family and growing up in the capital of cultures Berlin, it’s in my blood to be attracted to delicious food. The interest in different culture’s cuisines even grows when I’m travelling.




Dieter and food enthusiast? You might think it’s impossible.

But I found a way to combine it:

Educating yourself! Get to know what you are and what you eat.


Final goal is a productive, enjoyable and free lifestyle, also a healthy living physically and mentally. Including the food you love into your life is a big part of the Fighterlicious lifestyle.







I always value experience over money, never scared of spending everything I have for a trip or a meal.

Food is happiness and so is the execution of your passion.

I’m getting to do what other people wish for and I’m grateful for it. So grateful that I want to share it with you.


I have a relaxed but busy life, doing what I love: training, travelling, educating myself, eating good food, connecting with beautiful people and fighting.


Whatever else I wish for comes with that and patience.


Nai-Harn Beach, Phuket, Thailand 2015