What to Do After Eating Too Much? (CHEAT DAY RECOVERY)


“It’s too late anyway” – That’s what you might think after a little cheat meal just before you start to binge all out. Recovering from that seems hard, but it is very easy if you know how.

Cheat days can be done right. If you structure them well with a strategic approach, they aren’t very harmful. You could even benefit from a cheat meal or day. But what if you’ve just gone overboard?

Sometimes our mind needs to be free from dieting. Then we eat whatever we want, whenever we want, just how you imagine a cheat day. Sometimes you don’t even have a chance to prevent overeating. Imagine being invited to a festive dinner and you get served the finest, tastiest food, drinks and desserts. It would be stupid not to enjoy it.

We have all had the same experience: You have a little cheat meal and it ends up in a bigger and bigger meal because your mind got weak. That’s when the ‘it’s too late anyway’-mindset kicks in and you don’t stop eating. Some diets even recommend eating yourself sick, so you want to get back on your healthy diet the next day. (Terrible approach!)

Now it’s not about enjoying anymore, but more about eating as much as you can in a certain time frame, just because you are ‘allowed to’. You start filling yourself with foods full of sodium, sugar and fat you don’t need, just in case you crave these foods the next days.

The next day you will feel bloated and heavy. You step on the scale and feel like you have lost years of progress. This feeling can last for a few days to a week. But what’s the point in having this for a week if you can recover within one day?

Now it’s important to get back on track as soon as possible.

Here is what you have to do the day after an all-out cheat day:

  1. Keep your composure!

There is nothing bad about enjoying life! Allow yourself mistakes without being ashamed. Just because you ate too much one day, it doesn’t mean you need to change your diet by 180°. We need these days and mistakes now and then. Just keep going forward.


  1. Stick to the normal diet routine and meal times!

Don’t skip breakfast! You might not feel hungry in the morning after a binge, or you might even think fasting the next morning saves you calories. Fasting would make sense to rest your stomach, but it often ends in overeating again when breaking the fast. Don’t forget it’s about getting back on track. Have your healthy breakfast just as usual. Getting back to your structural diet routine with light meals is the easiest way to get back on track.


  1. Drink at least 5l!

Start the day by drinking at least 500ml of cold water. You need to increase the water intake to flush out excess sodium, toxins and to support your digestion. Drink a lot of water and you will feel way better the next day. I repeat: drink a lot! What also helps is warm green tea and herbal tea.


  1. Increase fibre intake!

Lots of fruit, vegetables and other fibre-rich foods the next day. You can also supplement with psyllium husk.


  1. Get a light workout in!

Just a light one. Your body is stressed and already very busy digesting and processing the food you ate. It would be bad now to harm yourself with too hard and stressful workouts just to burn the calories. Instead, support your body with a light workout. It’s just about moving around and breaking a sweat. You will already feel better after this.


There is one last advice I want to give you from my own experience:

Don’t weigh yourself for the next two days! Seeing yourself gaining 3kg overnight is demotivating and stressing, even though you know it’s only water and food weight.

By following the mentioned steps, you can quickly get rid of the gained weight. Simply jump back into your routine, increase water and fibre intake and move around a bit. You’ll notice that you’re back on track in no time.


Take it easy,



Photo Credit: Robin Stickel 2015 via www.pexels.com

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