Can I Eat Oats?


Can I eat oats?

Sure, you can!

How much can I eat?

Erm, a little.

But isn’t it grain?

Yeah, so what. It’s whole grain.

Can I eat a lot then?

No! A little!!


Then why should I even eat it?

Because it’s quick, easy and good for you! I know, it’s against all low-carb rules, but eating oatmeal has more benefits than negative effects to your body and you can still lose weight.

Yes, it is grain but the germ and bran isn’t removed, so it’s whole grain. Count it as natural food. It is carb dense but that doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. The carbs in oatmeal are complex and slowly absorbed.

A big reason for the slow blood sugar conversion is a high fibre content. We already know that fibre helps to lower blood cholesterol and maintain healthy blood pressure.

Did you know that eating oatmeal triggers serotonin release? Serotonin is a hormone that makes you feel calm, peaceful and happy. The complex carbs, fibre and amino acid content in oatmeal give you a slow and steady serotonin release, perfect for great sleep.

Iron, magnesium, zinc and more micronutrients… all in the oats.


My magic oatmeal experience

I was dodging oats for a long time, influenced by low-carb and Paleo diets. Paleo enthusiasts claim that it’s full of anti-nutrients that weaken your gut and immune system.

I had the exact opposite experience!

For a while I’ve been taking immune suppressive medication. I was suffering a lot from the side effects. Having infections and inflammations all the time, I thought I would never be able to get in shape again. I started supplementing Beta-Glucan and zinc and it helped me to eliminate infections while keeping inflammation parameter low.

Beta-Glucan is a connection of glucose molecules and one of the strongest natural immunotherapy substances. I truly believe that I would have not been able to get back to a high performance life without it.

Why am I telling you this? Because Beta-Glucan can be found in oats. I don’t supplement beta-glucan anymore, I just eat oats now and then.

You’ll be fine if you choose high quality gluten free oats and don’t overeat it.


How to eat it?

When you eat oats, eat only a little. Up to five tablespoons give you enough energy to satisfy you if combined with other food.

Don’t add sweeteners. You can make it sweeter by simply adding fruit. Make your own little cereal bowl with fruit and a bit of rolled oats.

Also, they’re a great binder in your healthy baking.

Being in England very often I love porridge. It’s a great meal if you can only tolerate soaked oats. There are endless variations, just be creative! But be warned: I don’t recommend oats with warm milk as it makes me feel super sluggish.

Try it as a post-workout meal, like as an orange chocolate porridge. This is something that helped me with insomnia during my diet. I was well refuelled and had way better sleep when I started eating serotonin triggering carbs after training… and I still lost weight!


To all dieters: Don’t be scared to eat oats! You can still lose weight and look good while eating oats and carbs in general.

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