Clean Coffee Creamer: The best HEALTHY Milk Alternative for Coffee


Flavoured coffee creamers don’t have to be sugary and unhealthy. Fighterlicious has got you covered with natural dairy-free coffee creamers.

If you enjoy coffee but you can’t drink it black, it can be hard to find something diet approved. I personally like to put a little dash of grass-fed cow’s milk in my coffee, but a few weeks out from a fight I like to replace my milk.

Finding a perfect milk alternative can be a struggle, especially for coffee. There is so much out there, but most milk substitutes don’t taste nice. Nothing really comes close to real milk.

But why does it have to be just like cow’s milk? It doesn’t have to. It can be better than that!

Following my coach Frank’s advice, the best milk alternative for coffee is oat milk (*revealing secret tips*). He has tried them all from almond to soy milk, but the best substitute is oat milk as it gives more roast aroma to the coffee and strengthens its taste. I must agree on this.

If you can’t tolerate dairy, oat milk is a game changer!

But what if you want to have more flavour in your coffee? What about a Vanilla Latte? Well, I’ve tried a soy latte in a coffee shop before… it was terrible!

More reason to find my own solution. And here I present to you my three creations while I’m sipping a cinnamon latte:


  1. Roasted Cinnamon:

400ml (13.5 Oz) oat milk, 4 cinnamon sticks, 1tsp cinnamon.

Heat it up and boil it for 10min on low heat. The oat milk and cinnamon give enough natural sweetness, so no sweetener is needed.


  1. Almond-Vanilla:

350ml unsweetened almond-milk, 50ml coconut-milk, 3 pitted dates, 1tsp vanilla extract OR 1 fresh vanilla bean (pulp).

Heat it up and boil it for 10 min on low heat. Remove the vanilla bean but make sure the pulp is in the milk. Blend it or remove the dates. Shake before your use. If you don’t want (natural) sugar at all, don’t use the dates.


  1. Chocolate-Coconut

200ml coconut milk, 200ml almond milk, 2tsp honey, 1 ½ tsp dark cacao powder.

Heat it up and boil it for 10min on low heat. The honey acts as kind of a natural emulsifier to mix coconut and almond milk.


You can store them in the fridge for five days.


Almond-Vanilla Coffee Creamer

I never loved the espresso specialties from the common coffee shops because they are always too sweet and the coffee taste gets lost. It makes no sense to drink a coffee when you can’t taste the coffee. With these new creamers, I don’t have this problem anymore. Instead, I have a nice coffee with a slight flavour, depending on how much creamer I use.

The cinnamon one is my favourite. I never had such a good cinnamon latte in my life! The cinnamon flavour is very strong but the coffee flavour stays. Try it and let me know what you think.


Making Cinnamon Coffee Creamer
Making Cinnamon Coffee Creamer


Enjoy your coffee,


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