Coffee: Being Amazingly Productive While Dieting


Coffee is arguably the most effective tool for weight loss. That doesn’t mean that you just have to drink a lot of coffee and you’ll become slim. It also doesn’t mean that coffee-drinkers are naturally slim. If you consume it wrongly, it can have negative effects on your weight loss.

What I’m trying to say is that coffee can make your diet easier and more comfortable. For various reasons.


Is coffee a metabolism booster or fat burner?

The fitness industry is often trying to tell you that fat burner pills can help you lose weight. These pills are not recommended, but have a legitimation: Caffeine content.

On a low calorie diet you can sometimes feel tired and drained. Don’t be surprised that you’re lacking energy. Pushing the last energy out, e.g. for a training session, is only possible with substances like coffee. It can result in dangerous energy crashes, but when you are a professional and you have to work, there is sometimes no other option.

Without really knowing what caffeine really does, everybody knows that it makes you wide awake and more productive. I simply get more stuff done when I drink coffee, meaning that I’m more active. Being more active also means burning more fat.

Caffeine is said to boost metabolism but to get these effects you must take amounts that wouldn’t be healthy anymore.

A strong cup of coffee contains about 150mg of caffeine. The daily recommended amount of caffeine is 300mg. That would suggest that you limit your coffee intake to 2-3 cups per day. Too much caffeine can result in insulin spikes and high cortisol, leading to weight gain.

Caffeine is no fat burner, but it can help you to be more active and therefore burn more fat. I would always prefer coffee or green tea to fat burners!


Coffee is a highly effective appetite suppressant!

Coffee fights cravings. You might have noticed when eating or drinking something bitter, you aren’t craving sweet anymore. Every time I’m craving for something sweet, I drink coffee. The bitter compounds nearly kill my appetite.

Drinking hot drinks is like a snack replacement for me. I drink my coffee and tea always really hot.  Why? Because it takes time to drink it and fills me slowly like a snack. It keeps me busy while working or watching a movie.

For this effect, you can also opt for decaffeinated coffee. Just make sure you don’t drink it too regularly as the decaf process with chemicals is controversial for health.


Coffee is rich in antioxidants!

Antioxidants aren’t always essential to live, but they definitely support healthy living and wellbeing. Coffee contains these secondary plant substances that fight free radicals before they attack your cells and cause diseases.


How I drink my coffee:

I drink coffee twice a day. The first one in the morning just after breakfast and the second one with my daytime pre-workout meal to boost my late training session.

The way to drink coffee is much up to you. French-press, filter or vending machine is all fine. I like to drink a strong Caffè Americano (double espresso with water) made with an electric Moka pot. To that I add a dash of grass fed milk.

Of course, drinking your coffee black is always better. But adding a little dash of milk never killed my diet success. It’s a no brainer that you shouldn’t drink too much milk. Also, the sugar and cream filled variations from the coffee shop are nothing for regular consumption.

There is also a newish trend of “bulletproof coffee”: You add 1 Tbsp coconut oil or MCT-oil and a piece of grass fed butter to your coffee, then you blend it. When you add cinnamon to it and don’t use too much butter, it tastes amazing! Though, my experience with it in terms of weight loss aren’t better than with the normal Caffè Americano, so I would rather save my fat consumption there and include it with meals.


Coffee gives me an immediate mood boost in the morning and helps me to be way more productive and reduce cravings. When I drink it before training, I kill the session like a beast! Why do you need training boosters when you can drink coffee and have more and better effects?


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