CRAVINGS? Easy Strategy To Beat Your Appetite!

Having a craving means you have a hunger for a certain food. It often comes when you think of that certain food. Not being allowed to eat that food is the worst feeling ever.

Don’t kill yourself; you can eat most foods in small amounts. Don’t cut things out completely forever unless they make you feel bad. The best thing would be to choose a healthy option or wait for your cheat day.


A little bit of discipline must exist! A craving is not easy to resist, but with the right tools it’s a very solvable problem.


Eating the right healthy foods should lead to no cravings. The food and strategies you already got from this book should be enough to fight homeostatic hunger (what you get when you don’t eat for a while). But sometimes cravings can and will be there. It often means that your body signals to your brain that you need something, mostly micronutrients.


Here are some general tips to deal with appetite:

1.Drink more water!

Before you eat anything or even grab food, drink a glass of water. Fill your stomach first. Very often thirst is confused with hunger or appetite. Also, whenever you want a fizzy drink or prefer liquids to solid food, you need to drink more!

 2.Drink coffee or tea

My own experience shows that coffee is the most effective substance in fighting cravings. Choose black coffee, but if you can’t drink it black, add a dash of milk. Never drink it with coffee creamers or sugar!

The bitter compounds in coffee and tea will kill your appetite. Don’t be worried about caffeine; decaf options work just as well. If you don’t like coffee or already had too much, you can also drink black, green, herbal or Mate tea.

When you prepare tea or coffee, make it hot! The hotter it is, the more time you’ll need to drink it. Sip it slowly. A hot drink is the perfect snack replacement. You are sitting at your work desk and crave a snack while you are semi-busy? Drink coffee or tea! You want to eat something while watching a movie or your favourite series? Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea!

3.Brush your teeth

… using fresh mint toothpaste. It changes the taste in your mouth and fights your appetite. This is very effective, especially when you want to avoid eating late before bed.

4.Chewing gum

Chewing is a distracting activity. It also signals your brain that you are eating food. And just like the toothpaste, the fresh mint taste eliminates appetite. Make sure the gum is sugar free and please don’t eat too much because the artificial sweeteners the gum might contain are also not good for you.

If you just ate a normal sized meal, but still want more or crave a dessert, get a piece of mint-flavoured chewing gum in your mouth. After a couple of minutes, you should be satiated.

5.Distract yourself

Stay busy, do something, read something, learn something, train or simply improve in whatever! Replace the food imagery with something different and pleasant. Quick! Imagining yourself performing your favourite activity is an effective technique to distract yourself. Even playing a game with dynamic audio-visual stimuli on your smart phone can help reduce cravings.

 6. Psyllium Husk with Cinnamon Shake

You want a dessert, but you have just eaten? You can control your sweet tooth easily with this easy recipe:

– 1L of water

– add 1/2 teaspoon of Ceylon-cinnamon

– max. 1 tablespoon of psyllium husks

Take a few hours to sip on it. The fibre binds with water and fills your stomach. Cinnamon controls insulin and gives a taste of spicy sweetness, reminding one a bit of Christmas treats. Nutrition expert George Lockhart reports that he used that trick effectively with his fighters who have a sweet tooth.

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