What Kind Of Breakfast? A Fighter’s Breakfast Mood


It’s the same struggle every morning. What to eat for breakfast?

The answers are endless. You can argue for either one, protein, carbs and fat.

To make one thing clear first: It always makes sense to include protein, no matter what other macros you choose. Protein for breakfast can help you keep a long-standing feeling of satiety and steady energy release. Even if I decide to eat carbs, I want to make sure that I combine it with protein.

I noticed that in periods of hard training I wake up super hungry. Actually, the first thing in the morning I want to do is eat, and it’s always something different I want! So, what to eat then?

Here is your answer:

Make your mood decide what you eat for breakfast!

The morning is a key moment in your day. It can be a key moment in deciding how you lead your life! A morning can make day-long decisions for you. That’s why I decide for a strong morning routine and try to follow it every day.

If you wake up and have a bad morning, your day is very likely to be bad. If you wake up and have a good morning, your day is very likely to be good. Your mood has an impact on your environment. Being in a good mood will make you more attractive to people around you.


Imagine waking up and craving pancakes or brownies. Wouldn’t it be bad to have a boring egg scramble then? Don’t get me wrong, an egg scramble is a great breakfast in a diet. But, IT’S NOT WHAT YOU WANTED!

Eat what you want for breakfast and restructure your daily food intake from there.

That doesn’t mean you should eat a sugar-loaded chocolate bar or cereal bowl when you wake up, that would be a miserable option. There is a healthy option for almost every food, so go for it to make sure your breakfast is high in micronutrients.


My Breakfast

My breakfast changes all the time. I have week-long periods when I always eat the same thing for breakfast, but then I suddenly change my breakfast approach.


During the past couple of weeks, I was a bit sick and didn’t train as much as usual. I woke up without hunger, just having a bit of an appetite. That’s when I really didn’t feel like eating carbs so I made myself an egg scramble of three eggs, fried in coconut oil with different vegetables like tomato, peppers, mushrooms and spinach. No seasoning or salt as it makes me hungry. I’d rather enjoy the natural taste of the ingredients than manipulate it with salt.



After a sleep in on a Sunday I sometimes crave a fatty breakfast. I feel like my body is in desperate need of energy after a busy week. What’s wrong with steak and eggs for breakfast? Nothing! Try it and you will feel satiated for the rest of the day. It helps you avoid eating all the bullshit you usually eat on a Sunday.

If I want to eat carbs, I eat beans. Eating carbs before an early training session makes my session way more productive. Legumes are a good option as they contain protein, fibre and complex carbs.

But sometimes I just want to eat something sweet! I go for a fruit and quinoa bowl with a bit of chia, hemp seeds, walnuts, almonds or coconut to slow the digestion of my breakfast. You don’t really want to eat again one hour after breakfast. If I eat boiled or fried eggs for the protein content on training days I’m good to go with the energy release during training.




Adjusting the rest of the day

Wake up and make a breakfast decision. Don’t be scared to mess up your hormone levels, you can adjust throughout the day.

Did you decide on carbs? Eat fewer carbs throughout the day.

Did you decide on fat? Make sure your liver glycogen is filled by the end of the day. If you train the next morning, you should have a moderate amount of carbs the night before to refill your muscle glycogen.

Simple! Don’t make it too complicated. A happy, productive and more active day is always more beneficial for your shape than a “diet breakfast.”


Take it easy,



PS: Breakfast IS important! Making the right breakfast choice can definitely improve body composition. But it all depends on your lifestyle, your metabolism and your own needs. Someone who wakes up at 5am for a busy office day doesn’t have the same needs as someone who wakes up at 8am for a day in the gym. Find the right breakfast you like for your needs.

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