Natural Snickers Alternative




Ever been dieting and just wanted a Snickers bar? I have.

Then what would you think of a clean, natural and healthy Snickers?

The mix of caramel, chocolate and peanuts is simply genius. I wonder who had the idea. The guy must be rich by now. At least I would give him all my belongings if I met him.

Once not long ago I was on a diet leading up to a fight. The week before the fight is the hardest week in dieting. Being super restricted makes you want to have something you usually don’t eat. What you then start doing is thinking about food 24/7. You can imagine me scrolling through Instagram and looking at food, discovering a new trend: Dates and peanut butter.



I like the taste of Snickers but it’s not something I usually eat. When it comes to weigh-in week all I want is a Snickers. To avoid Snickers abuse after the fight I thought about taking my Instagram-discovery to a next level: Dates and peanut butter covered in dark chocolate.

If I make a treat like that, I make sure it’s made from natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any refined sugar. Luckily, you can get chocolate from a whole food store with alternative sweeteners.


The night before flying over to the fight I stood in the kitchen preparing my treat for after the weigh-ins and fight. I filled pitted dates with crunchy organic peanut butter and immersed it with all my love in 85% dark chocolate… To find an empty Tupperware box after the fight. My corner men ate it all -.-



  • Pitted dates
  • Crunchy peanut butter
  • Dark chocolate (I use 85-90% Chocolate)

Fill the dates with peanut butter. Melt the chocolate (microwave) in a bowl. Immerse the dates in the melted chocolate and let it cool on baking paper until the chocolate is solid.



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  1. Annika says: Reply

    Wie viel Schokolade brauche ich für 10 Datteln?

    1. RanySaadeh says: Reply

      ca. 30g müssten reichen.

  2. Tim says: Reply

    Haha Daaamn du verführst mich 😉

  3. Jules says: Reply

    This is obscenely good….thank you! May I suggest, for “cleaning this up” even further: use raw cacao + virgin coconut oil instead of the ready-made dark chocolate? Then the only sugar would come from the dates. It’s a bit hard-core, but some clean-eaters are really into the raw cacao + coconut oil solution instead of normal chocolate.

    1. RanySaadeh says: Reply

      Thank you very much Jules, I’ll try it 🙂

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