Simple Superfoods Bowl for Happiness


How convenient would it be to just eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast? Well, if you want to eat clean, you should put a bit of effort into your breakfast, but it can still be easy to make. A Superfoods bowl is a great option.

Not long ago I was in preparation for a fight, struggling in my training with a low-carb breakfast approach. I just couldn’t perform well in the mornings, especially in my early strength & conditioning sessions. I wanted to “stay in ketosis” and burn more fat, but it ended in unproductive training sessions.

You should never hesitate to ask knowledgeable people for advice, as you can learn more from other people’s experience than from theories. So, I asked my friend and professional fighter Aaron Aby (@aaronabymma) for breakfast ideas, a guy whose knowledge I appreciate a lot.

“Glycogen fuels training. Without petrol a car won’t start, mate,” was his response. And it was absolutely right. Once I reintroduced carbs into my breakfast, my training was so much better. Aaron suggested a bowl of not very acidic fruit with cinnamon.

I changed it a bit and added some simple superfoods and fats to slow the digestion. I call it the Happy Quinoa Breakfast Bowl because eating this for breakfast followed by coffee is a great start to the day and makes me happy.



4 tbsp puffed quinoa

1 tbsp oats

1 tbsp coconut chips

5 almonds

1 apple

1 cup blueberries

½ teaspoon chia seeds

dash of cinnamon

*optional 1 dash of turmeric

Milk substitute



Everybody knows how to make a cereal bowl. If you don’t know how to make a cereal bowl, it’s better you step out of the kitchen… forever! Throw everything in a bowl, pour the milk over it, sprinkle the spice and spoon the happiness 😉


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