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Want to know how to lose weight and still enjoy your food?

It sounds difficult since weight loss and enjoyment of food seem to contradict each other. Are weight loss and maintenance problems for you?


The Champion’s Diet is your solution! Purchase here:


How to Lose Weight While Enjoying Food

The Champion’s Diet is not a common diet. It is a system of information and diet hacks to become your own nutrition expert based on your needs and cravings. Lose weight comfortably by eating the food you love.

On The Champion’s Diet there are no food restrictions; there are only smart choices. Don’t fall for diet lies anymore! The only diet you should be on is called Life. Live and freely enjoy your life.

Dieting isn’t rocket science! All you need is a realistic approach and the right mindset.

Don’t think you need to suffer because you can’t eat your favourite meals anymore. The book gives you an effective idea to cut fat and still eat the food you enjoy.

Once you’ve read the book, you don’t fall for diet lies anymore.




My Diet Story

I have a lot of experience in trying different diets when getting down to my weight class. The symptoms where always the same:

Low energy, moody and “hangry” (hungry + angry), less mental focus, bad sleep quality, less strength and stamina, low libido and low work capacity. I wasn’t able to train more than 1 hour while being on a caloric deficit. I was always tired and my recovery was poor.

This could be no state for happiness and success so I had to use my knowledge to do something about it.


The experience I made was precious. I managed to create a system by combining all the good aspects of the diets I tried and sport science theories I studied. The result is The Champion’s Diet. Since following my own system, I have experienced major lifestyle improvements.

  • Quick fat loss

The weight dropped. Week by week I got a visibly better physique while preserving muscle.

  • Higher training volume

Suddenly I was able to train 3h without being fatigued.

  • Better physical performance

Now being able to eat properly, my cardio and strength improved fast.

  • More focus

Even though I was training longer, I could focus better and made better improvements

  • Better sleep and recovery

I woke up rested with more energy, being ready for a productive day.

  • Higher work capacity

I could train 13 sessions a week, while doing writing and studying jobs in between and I still felt amazing.

  • Elevated mood

The lone fact that I could eat carbs by proper timing made me happier.

  • Less stress

You can imagine how much better you feel when you are allowed to eat the food you love and still lose weight on schedule.

These are all facts that made me feel like being in the best shape ever. And I don’t even keep secrets, you will get to know everything. In The Champion’s Diet I’m sharing all my knowledge to help you be successful at losing and managing body weight.

Subjects discussed in The Champion’s Diet:

  • Basic Nutrition Knowledge
  • Food Choices (Shopping List)
  • Weight Managing Hormones
  • The Perfect Macronutrient Ratio
  • Cheat Meals and Cheat Days
  • Carb Timing
  • Cravings
  • Metabolism-Boosting Foods and Supplements
  • Exercise for Weight Loss
  • Goal Setting

This eBook supplies you with simple information about what very few people know about: your own metabolism and healthy nutrition. Find out what foods trigger the right hormones to boost your metabolism to the maximum while eliminating cravings.

The own DISSECT-Goal-Setting-Formula will help you to reach every diet goal with full motivation in 7 steps.




Who Is The Champion’s Diet For?

Whether you’re male or female, obese or an athlete, someone who wants to improve your looks or a person who wants a healthier life, you all have one thing in common. You want to be leaner, fresher looking and reach your target weight in a certain time without losing precious muscle. You want to maintain a healthy and good looking weight.

Eating food at the right time will leave you feeling energized and satisfied. Whether you eat to fuel your training, eat for pleasure or eat to live, the guidelines apply to everyone.


Why Buy It?

The benefits you receive from The Champion’s Diet are clear. For the low price of 9.99$ you have nothing to lose.

You can only win!

  • Save time!

You don’t need to read thousands of articles and books anymore to become an expert on your own diet. The Champion’s Diet provides everything you need to know without the research and reading hundreds of pages.

  • Save money!

Nobody will ever tell you again to buy expensive supplements or superfoods again. There are simple tricks, foods and supplements that boost your metabolism without emptying your wallet. Get to know them!

  • No more starving, suffering or stressing!

Don’t stress about food and eating anymore. You have to lose weight within a specific timeframe? Learn how to set your goal and structure your food consumption to be successful at losing weight. Never again make diet mistakes like going overboard on your cheat day and starving on the following day.

No more mental and physical weakness with fad diets anymore! Don’t make the same mistakes I did in the past. The book is a way to learn from my experiences and prevent you from diet mistakes. I did the research and tests, you get the result.



You Can Become A Diet Champion!

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