The Ultimate Cinnamon Guide to Your Diet


Losing weight with a sweet spice? Yes, cinnamon isn’t just tasty. It’s also a powerful tool for your diet. All you have to learn is how to use it properly.

Who doesn’t like cinnamon? I love it! Now when Christmas is getting closer, I eat everything sweet with cinnamon. And once Christmas is over, I still eat almost everything sweet with cinnamon. It’s like a snapchat filter for my food.

So here is what you need to know if you are not a cinnamon expert yet.


Cinnamon for weight loss

I’ve been using cinnamon for years as a strategic tool in my diets. The benefits are scientifically proven.


Studies have shown it has positive effects on blood sugar regulation. Eating cinnamon can help curb blood sugar spikes, leading to fewer hunger attacks and energy crashes after meals. [1,2,3]

Some studies even suggest cinnamon as a diabetes treating supplement. [3,4]


The warm taste of Christmas and winter treats always brings an association of sweetness. Therefore, cinnamon is great against your sweet tooth.

Nutrition guru George Lockhardt has reported to give his clients a bottle of water with psyllium husk and cinnamon if they have a sweet tooth[5]. The additional fibre from psyllium husk fills you quite well. It’s effective!

I recommend 1T psyllium husk and a few powerful dashes of cinnamon on 1L of water. Sip it slowly at the time you normally have dessert.


Where else to use it?

Simply sprinkle it on everything you like! It goes well with everything sweet and from the diet perspective it makes sense to add it to your carbs.

Sprinkle it on your fruit. You are scared to eat fruit in the morning? Eat it with cinnamon!

I eat it every time with my quinoa-fruit-bowl or porridge, giving me an instant mood elevation.


Don’t forget to include it in your healthy baking!


You add cinnamon to your water and drink it to avoid snacking, but if there is a perfect timing for cinnamon consumption, it is with meals or right after them.


Also, did you notice that some cafés serve cappuccino with cinnamon? Do you know why? – Because it’s freakin’ delicious! Just put a dash into your coffee variation to make it a more exciting brew and get more benefits from it.


Choosing the right sort of cinnamon

“Does too much of it cause cancer?” – Yeah, maybe. It’s like too much of everything causes cancer, especially when studies were conducted on tiny animals. Unless you did that stupid cinnamon-challenge (video) with the cheapest sort, I doubt that you ever ate “too much” cinnamon.


You can safely consume over ½ teaspoon per day. As strong as the taste of this spice is, it is hard to overconsume it.


Too much of the containing aroma compound ‘coumarin’ has indeed been shown to cause cancer in mice and liver toxicity in sensitive people. That’s why you shouldn’t save money on buying cinnamon. The cheap types contain way more coumarin than a high-quality type.

On the other hand, studies found that cinnamon could be an anti-tumour agent and a possible alternative medicine for cancer treatment. [6]


There are two types:

Cassia cinnamon: cheaper option, high in coumarin, spicier, sometimes bitter taste. Use this one only in very low amounts.

Ceylon cinnamon: “true cinnamon”, lower in coumarin, sweeter taste. Go for this type.


The brand I use in Germany is ‘Lebensbaum Ceylon Zimt’. It has a slight and sweet aroma, bit like cinnamon oil, gives me all the benefits I’m talking about and has nearly no coumarin. When I’m in the UK I order this  brand, also organic with great fragrance and taste, might be even better than the German one.


My favourite weight loss tool

I love sweets. I love cookies, cakes and Christmas treats. Eating too much of them in my diet would be a disaster. I would have been forced to fight at heavyweight if I didn’t have cinnamon. It simply helps me to be pleased with less sugar.

I’m clearly benefiting from the craving-killing and mood-lifting effects. Especially in winter I become instantly happy after eating it.


Like everything, it must be enjoyed in moderate amounts.

Don’t be afraid! It will help you to reach your diet goal. And it will make you a happier person.


Enjoy and take it easy,



Side note: Sprinkling cinnamon on sugar-loaded ice cream might taste nice but won’t do the fat-loss-job for you. Just because you eat cinnamon it doesn’t mean that you can eat unhealthy all day.


P.S.: If you don’t like cinnamon… well, get the f*** outta here!


P.S.S.: Sorry, wasn’t meant like that. Of course you can stay, just cut out the cinnamon. Maybe you won’t be a very happy person then and need help but there is still much to offer for you. 😉



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